Biomarkers of Traumatic Brain Injury – An Update


There is a growing interest for the study of blood biomarkers to aid in the clinical diagnostics and care of TBIs. Despite years of research, none has reached wider clinical use or e.g. FDA approval. This symposium aims to give an overview about the challenges in TBI biomarker development as well as current status on the most studied candidate markers. The aspects presented will give information also about the pathobiology of TBI, such as the role of the blood-brain-barrier and glymphatic system. The aim of this session is to give the audience a more comprehensive and very updated view about the prospects of blood biomarker diagnostics in TBI, as well as give an overview about the challenges in TBI biomarker development and the current status of the most studied candidate markers. In addition to this, new possibilities will be discussed.


  • An overview on the clinical needs for TBI biomarkers.
  • The challenge of blood-brain barrier for biomarker diagnostics.
  • The glymphatic system and brain-derived biomarkers in blood.
  • Will blood biomarkers help us to detect brain injury?
  • Metabolomic biomarkers as a new avenue in TBI diagnostics.
  • Future insights in the role of TBI blood biomarkers.


  • Understand the problems that face TBI biomarker development.
  • Know the current status of most promising biomarkers.
  • Critically assess new research results in the field.

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