IPBIS – Traumatic Brain Injury and Crime: Perspectives from Europe, North America and Southern Africa


TBI in childhood and adolescence is linked to the development of early and persisting violent offending. The financial cost of crime is substantial. The troubling route that young people with TBI take – form classroom to courtroom – represents a challenge to educators, health professionals, judicial officials and policy makers.

In this symposia we will present a number of projects that aim to address the issues faced across contexts:

  • Prof Huw Williams: school exclusion related to TBI; the role of neurorehabiltation with forensic interventions within juvenile delinquency units
  • Prof Wayne Gordon: rates and features of TBI in a US juvenile system, and interventions for reducing anger and violent crime.
  • Dr Leigh Schrieff-Elson: Rates and forms of TBI in South Africa juvenile systems compared to non-offenders and potential pre- and post-release interventions in a low-resource environment.


  • Identify how TBI increases chances of crime.
  • How TBI may be managed within custody.
  • How TBI may be managed on release from custody across widen range of cultures and languages.
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